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Dental Microscopes

Global Dental Microscopes are about working while sitting upright and relaxed, - with natural parallel vision. The tortured posture of the Dentist with eyestrain from being without a microscope should not be your "standard of care" for yourself.

Being comfortable while working is a reasonable expectation in any industry, and dentistry should not be an exception. Positioning without a dental microscope is stressful and dentistry should not be an endurance test.

Front office staff can sit upright when seeing patients in the front of practice offices. Having the Doctor sitting hunched up over a patient in an operatory is no longer the image of their practices that many Dentists wish to portray.

A Dental Microscope provides the ergonomic benefits Dentists should demand, and a dental microscope is a no compromise choice for yourself and your practice.

Global Microscopes enable dentistry for all procedures in all quadrants with:
a) magnification ranges that best serve the Dentist
b) improved lighting, for best acuity, and
c) improved support systems and reach enabling, the General Dentist to move, and move easily.

Global Dental Microscopes excel in all three areas, and have the visual acuity, with fields of view, and depths of field, that are superior to other alternatives.

General dental procedures are multi-movement, multi-surface, multi-quadrant. General Dentists move around a lot, typically with their hands full of instruments. So, the concept that a Dentist sits rigidly in one place with a microscope and does not move, is a myth.

Global Microscopes today have been designed for smooth movement, perhaps better than any other manufacturer, and fluid motion with a microscope in daily practice is the objective, and is easily taught by us.

Dentists already know Dentistry, although new treatment possibilities will open up with your microscope. The paradigm shift is in positioning.

Immediate positioning with your dental microscope can be quickly taught. But is a difficult exercise - if it is self taught.

A microscope is easily integrated into, and will enhance, the busy practice, - with proper training - Which we include.

A Dental microscope is a great diagnostic device.

When it comes to the procedure it is the Doctor's hands and eyes that have to perform the procedure. Provide the best acuity available.

  • Sit straight and relax.
  • natural viewing
  • natural seating
  • natural shoulder, arm and wrist positioning
  • sit upright without back or neck strain
  • less stressed and fatigued
  • feel better.
  • Better productivity.
  • Professional image.
  • Positive patient response.
  • Enhanced diagnosis.

Newfields are the specialists in Dental Microscopes. We have two decades of experience attending to our Doctors Dental Microscope needs.

Make your next step by contacting us for the evidence based, factual information, you need to make your microscope transition with ease and with confidence.


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