Microscope Dentistry Every Day
  • Caries, etching, bonding, cementing, cleaning, debridement.
  • Detect cracks, lesions, coronal, root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Gingival retraction.
  • Finish and polishing of margins.
  • Fit of restorations, crowns, veneers, inlay/onlay, amalgam, composite.
  • Post placement.
  • Inspect impressions, undercutting, seating and component fit of implant systems.
  • Gingival contouring and reshaping around implants.
  • Bite registration, inter proximal contacts.
  • AccessDentist using a Global Dental microscope
  • Inspect the coronal floor.
  • Locate additional canals.
  • Shaping, filing, obturating.
  • Detect root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Thoroughly clean canals.
  • Root amputations and hemisection.
  • Post removal. Removal of broken instruments.
  • Diagnose soft tissue lesions.
  • Root planning and removal of calculus.
  • Identify micro-inflammation and marginal tissues around implants.
  • Fit implant prosthetic components.
  • Microsurgical incisions and suturing with 6-0 through 8-0 sutures.
  • Suture subepithelial membranes and connective tissue grafts.Dentist using a Global Dental microscope
  • See the periodontal ligament.
  • Better productivity.
  • Professional image.
  • Positive patient response.
  • Enhance diagnosis.
  • Sit straight and relax.
  • Feel better.
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