Training and adapting to your Global Dental Microscope

Microscope Training Programme


We teach you the spatial orientation required to use your microscope effortlessly in everyday, busy, general dentistry. Train in your own operatory.

Training is included with your Global Dental Microscope.


  • concise, focused concepts
  • easy use from the beginning
  • high productivity
  • fast integration with your practice
  • movement for the requirements of General Dentistry
  • rapid quadrant and multi-surface positioning
  • effortless conversion between magnifications
  • immediate positioning
  • Dentist training with a Global Dental microscope
  • proper ergonomics
You can adapt to a microscope with ease with the practical training we provide.


Learn the spatial awareness, and three dimensional orientation techniques for fast microscope dentistry, in all three “Major, Minor, and Micro” levels.

Our expertise is developed through extensive training of initial and advanced microscope users with a refined understanding of the spatial and ergonomic needs of the modern dental practice.
We also blend the expertise, gained over 30 years, in communicating three dimensional spatial concepts in a precise manner, from training pilots to fly.

Training also includes:

  • Coaching
  • Shared Tips & Tricks
  • Advanced training
  • Ongoing Follow-up
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